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Is In The Power Of Nature

TORtec Group Corp. is a leading company in the implementation of TOR-technologies – the latest technologies for the disintegration of materials in air and gas-dynamic flows. The technology is the next step in disintegration after traditional mechanical grinding methods. The significance of the technology is in its different fields of application: from grinding superhard materials and biomass to enrichment of rocks, processing technogenic accumulations and eliminating pollution.

The technology is efficient and ergonomic for many industries: metallurgy, chemical industry, agriculture, construction industry, processing of rocks, mining, materials science. The activated materials by the technology either acquire new physical and mechanical properties or transform into completely new material. This creates new opportunities in space exploration, in rocket engineering, in aircraft building, in the automotive industry, in nuclear energy and other responsible industries.

Technological Breakthrough


A new technological direction in science and industry based on noncontact gas-dynamic resonant disintegration (micronization) of materials in which compressed air, gases, critical vapor, liquid can act as an energy carrier.Read more >


The modern industry requires new industrial methods of grinding materials and their micronization, down to nanometers, since with large grinding it is very difficult to extract valuable materials that are in bound state. Read more >

Applied Value

TOR-technologies can be called breakthrough technologies for many industries: in materials science, agricultural wastes, in the integrated and wasteless processing of biomasses, in the enrichment of mineral ores and in many other areas. Read more >

Technological Principles

The grinding chamber does not contain any rotating or moving parts, which significantly increases its service life, facilitates maintenance when replacing the input material that is grinded, which helps in avoiding impurities of the finished product. Read more >

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