TORtec Group Businesses

TOR-technologies possess not only a deep scientific basis, but also applied industrial importance. So, for today, 18 special industrial tornado plants have been developed: examples from the list. Models are applicable in the following directions, which we want to implement:


The direction is based on the use of Tornado technology to metals and their alloys. It includes a plant project with a capacity of more than 2,000 tons/year for the production of more than 50 materials and alloys that are in demand in engineering, aircraft building, military and space industries, and electronics. The total sales market of Titan + production is more than 3 trillion dollars and grows by 5% per year. As input raw materials for the Titan + plant, raw materials and man-made accumulations can be used, which remain after traditional industries, for example, dumps of GOK. The approach with processing of man-made savings allows to keep the planet clean and make products more accessible for mass application.

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The direction is based on the application of Tornado technology to organic compounds. It includes 5 projects of factories for the production of more than 30 substances and compounds that are in demand in the pharmaceutical, cosmetology and food industries. The total sales market for BIO + products is more than $ 500 million. At the heart of the value of BIO + products are the natural properties of substances that were obtained through their activation by Tornado technology. The main mission of BIO + is to increase the availability of cancer drugs for general consumption.

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The direction is based on the application of Tornado technology to various materials in order to obtain new composites and materials whose physicomechanical properties far exceed existing ones. Includes the project of a plant for the production of 5 new materials and a research module. The plant’s target products are in demand in the aerospace industry, defense industry, and machine building.

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The connecting link of all directions of TORtec Group is a deep research base, the purpose of which is further research and development of TOR technologies. To date, the R&D direction already has more than 200 patents, which are of value for all applied areas. Further development of the research base will allow developing existing directions and opening new ones.