We have built a corporate strategy for the development of TOR-technologies for 3, 5 and 10 years, and we believe that the creative team of scientists, specialists and managers which has been developed in recent years now under our holding company, together with our partners, will be able to bring a lot of benifits to our planet, for all life on Earth, for all of us, because with the help of TOR-technologies it will be possible to change the rules of the game for the benefit of mankind once and for all, by defeating technogenic pollution and previously incurable chronic pathologies and fatal diseases.

Stephen H. Smoot,
Head of TORtec Group Corp., USA

TORtec Divisions

TOR Biologos,


Bulgarian Industrial Company, Bulgaria

VORTEX, Germany

Aerarium, Switzerland


  • Boitech seeds, Greece
  • Titan+, USA
  • TORtec Minerals+ Inc, USA
  • Titan+, Switzerland
  • TOR Dust, USA
  • TORtec BIO+, USA
  • TORtec Ceramic+, USA
  • TORtec Sorbent+, USA