Technological Breakthrough


A new technological direction in science and industry based on noncontact gas-dynamic resonant disintegration (micronization) of materials in which compressed air, gases, critical vapor, liquid can act as an energy carrier. The newest effective technology was created in the corporation TORtec Group, published by the European corporate institute TORtec Research Institute and was the result of technological convergence of various fields of knowledge, which opened up the widest opportunities in various industries and led to the creation of new promising technologies and directions. In addition to the theoretical, scientific and technological justification of this technology TORNADO® industrial plants were developed in TORtec Group with wide application value – from grinding, activation, mechano-chemical synthesis of materials, to complex processing of mineral raw materials, minerals, technogenic accumulations, bio- and phytomass.


One of the most common methods of processing materials is their grinding. Practically there is no such branch of industry where grinding of initial raw materials is not required. This is the mining industry, and metallurgy, and industrial 3D-printing, and biotechnology, and processing of man-made savings and agricultural and industrial waste. But mechanical methods of grinding materials have almost reached their limits. The modern industry requires new industrial methods of grinding materials and their micronization, down to nanometers, since with large grinding it is very difficult to extract valuable materials that are in bound state (which, accordingly, causes high losses).

The main trend in the development of processes and apparatuses of grinding in many industries was aimed at intensification of physicochemical transformations in turbulent, cavitation, vortex, film and jet small-sized devices with the yield of the ground product at the level of submicron highly homogeneous suspensions, emulsions, and powders.

TOR-technology, developed in the corporation TORtec Group and based on vortex (gas-dynamic) resonance processes, is the most recent and progressive for today. It is effective not only in terms of productivity and cost (above all, energy costs), but also allows a radical improvement in technology, creating new technologies that can not be done with conventional means.

Applied value

TOR-technologies are leading technologies. They can be called breakthrough technologies for many industries: in materials science, in the synthesis of new materials, in the processing and liquidation of man-made accumulations and contamination of soil and water, agricultural wastes, in the integrated and wasteless processing of bio- and phyto-masses, in the enrichment of mineral ores and in many other areas. You can even say that such technologies humanity has been waiting for many decades.

We have designed a number of industrial lines “TORNADO” and projects of factories and plants in such areas as:

  • Production of micro- and nano powders for intensive development of AM technologies (industrial 3D-printing), for laser, powder and plasma metallurgy (surface physics);
  • production of biologically active substances from phyto-masses of more than 230 plants;
  • production of new carbon-containing materials and modifiers of bio-amorphous carbon;
  • production of a new class of sorbents with a wide range of applications;
  • production of new polymers and composites;
  • production of new native biological and medicinal forms capable of
  • have a significant impact on improving people’s health;
  • Integrated and non-waste processing of any agricultural waste;
  • complex processing of mineral raw materials and technogenic accumulations;
  • enrichment of mining rocks of hard-to-reach mineral deposits, including arctic and offshore deposits.

During a fairly short period of time, the Tornado installations were tested for efficiency in all these areas and confirmed the high ergonomics and new capabilities.